Breathing technique for a calm and focussed mind

Written by Michelle Sanders


I highly recommend this breathing technique which helps you slow down and clears your mind. If your head is full of chatter and you can’t focus or fall asleep try this, it’s easy, here we go……

1) Firstly, where your front teeth and the roof of your mouth meet, gently rest the tip of your tongue here. Yogis beleieve that this is the point where the negative and positive current of energy throughout the body meet.

2) Keeping your tongue in this position throughout this exercise, gently blow out any air left in your lungs though your mouth.

3) Breath in through your nose for the count of 4.

4) Hold your breath to the count of 7, not necessarily 7 seconds, just your natural rhythm of 7. Don’t force yourself to hold your breathe.

5) Blow out through your mouth for the count of 8.

6) Repeat 4 times, and take note of how you now feel. Next time you practise this it will likely feel more natural especially if you close eyes and let your body find its own rhythm.

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