Michelle’s story

Michelle Sanders (Dip.TM) is a Shrewsbury based massage therapist. With years of experience working across the world, she has helped many people with her holistic approach to massage. She is a firm believer that the more we relax and let go, the healthier and happier we feel.

Professional training

Michelle trained at the prestigious College of Holistic Medicine in Scotland, where she received excellent guidance under Dr Jane Reick and developed her skills to a professional level. It was quite an experience and opened doors to self healing. She has since continued her professional development training in other massage modalities.

She is also a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists, the UK’s leading complementary therapists association.


Global experience

Michelle has worked in successful clinics in London, Melbourne and Edinburgh as well as working in corporate massage for many businesses and events.


Destined to help others

Michelle has always felt comfortable with ‘touch’ and the spiritual side to healing the mind and body. As well as growing up with parents who had their own interests and professions in health and wellbeing, Michelle was always destined to help people with holistic massage.

She loves nothing more than introducing people to their first massage, or even converting non-believers in massage into her regular clients.



I love how massage is completly natural and yet a very effective treatment for many health issues. I was drawn to massage by its healing powers and I find its ancient roots fascinating. It has personally helped me with my life and I am passionate to use it to help others.

– Michelle