Benefits of Massage

For mind and body

Every treatment is aimed to re-train and help your muscles relax and let go. This promotes a relaxation response in the nervous system which, as well as making you feel great, also improves the function of the body’s systems and promotes healing at a cellular level.

During a treatment, massage can encourage a meditative like state of mind with restored natural breathing to help the mind and body reconnect.

Improves sleep

We feel more relaxed and clear headed after a massage, because of this we tend to sleep better rather then going to bed with tense muscles or thoughts of things that bother us. Optimal tissue repair takes place when we sleep preventing us from illnesses and diseases.


Improves emotional wellbeing

The skin on skin contact of massage can promote feelings of caring, comfort, a sense of empowerment and can create deep connections with the massage therapist. Massage can greatly boost your mood and leave you feeling uplifted due to the release of happy hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin.


Eases pain & inflammation

Massage is a drug free therapy for pain relief. Inflammation is caused by tissue damage, massage reduces the production of compounds called cytokines, which also play a role in inflammation. Massage also stimulates mitochondria, the tiny storehouses inside cells that convert glucose into energy essential for cell function and repair. Ultimatly massage therapy is a nudge into helping the body’s own natural healing process.


Reduces headaches/migraines/ brain fog

Releases muscles and trapped nerves around problem areas promoting blood flow and resulting in improved concentration and energy levels.


Improves circulation

Blood plays a major role in our health and survival. It provides our cells, muscles, and organs with nutrients and oxygen and it also removes metabolic waste and deoxygenated blood. Massage helps to milk our muscles of waste and reinvigorate them with fresh oxygenated blood, nutrients and energy.


Reduces high blood pressure

Stress is a common cause, massage promotes relaxation and lowers the heart rate.


Useful for digestive problems

Illnesses such as IBS are linked with stress and inflammation. Massage helps us to unwind and reconnecting with the abdomen area can be useful as this is where we tend to hold anxiety.


Improves lymphatic drainage

Sometimes our bodies get over loaded with toxins and waste especially when we aren’t as active making us feel less sluggish.  Massage promotes movement of the muscles and can aid the flow Lymph fluid, preventing a build up of water in the tissue or cavities of the body.


Improves muscle function and joint mobility

Tight muscles can decrease the body’s overall movement and cause joints to decrease their mobility. When we are stiff movement is more effort and requires us to use up more energy. Massage releases tight muscles, putting less strain on tendons and eases achey joints and increases range of motion. Muscle functioning is also improved, with every massage stroke fresh blood is pumped into the muscle and toxins are flushed out.


Improves condition of the skin

Oils rehydrate and nourish the skin, massage promotes a glowing complexion, and can help to reduce puffiness, stimulate elastin production and it is also useful for old scars and can reduce cellulite.