Corporate & Event massage

Reward and uplift your team with an energising massage

Office Massage is more popular then ever, the idea of a massage whilst at work is something that quickly sparks enthusiasm and is so well recieved. Massage is not only an enjoyable experience, it also efficiently relieves chronic tight neck and shoulder muscles caused by sedentary work life and the shorter treatments mean everyone can experience the benefits.

Introducing massage treatments into the workplace has an instant positive impact on your office environment. First there is a wave of excitement as people look forward to their massage that day, followed by a sense of calmness and focus throughout the office along with lots of content smiles.

The massages are like helping to give your staff a mini ‘reboot’ enabling them to take a proper break and release built up physical and mental tension, improving their overall wellbeing.

Benefits of corporate massage:

Boosts employee morale
Relieves workstation related muscle tension
Soothes general aches and pains by loosening up the the tissues and muscles of the body
Reduces employee absenteeism
Relieves headaches, fatigue, and stress related conditions
Enhances employee concentration and creativity
Short treatments without leaving the office


The treatment:

Clients remain fully clothed whilst seated on an ergonomic chair
No oils are used to avoid mess and inconvenience
Ambient relaxation music and a aromatherapy diffuser are used to create a restful space
A typical treatment may include stimulating acupressure points, Indian Head massage, relaxation and energising massage techniques
Focuses mainly on Back, Neck & Shoulders, these are common problem areas for office workers
Online staff scheduling is available so your team can choose their desired time slot – massages usually range from 15-30 minutes but always working within the needs of the office
Initial 2 hour trial sessions are available, rates are emailed to you upon request

Payment options

Providing a ‘free’ massage for your employees is a wonderful gift and way to say thank you. The option to subsidise massages is also available enabling you to offer a wellness incentive for your staff.

Where there is no budget in place, staff are often more then happy to pay for their own massages rather then miss out on it all together. Payments are made in person on the day via cash or card.



Event Massage

Adding massage to your event quickly creates interest and the opportunity to talk to people about what you are promoting or celebrating. Michelle offers her services for small gatherings with friends, social groups, hen do’s, parties, conferences and festivals.

Professional and experienced

Michelle holds a specialist qualification in onsite chair massage and has over 4 years experience working in corporate massage across countless companies in London and Melbourne. Clients include AKQA, M&C Saatchi, Amazon Fashion, L’Oréal, The Body Shop, Melbourne Marathon, as well as many events/parties and music festivals. Michelle has adapted her massages to meet the needs of the individual in a shorter time scale, giving staff an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Michelle is also a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists, the UK’s leading professional complementary therapists association.


We had the pleasure of having Michelle as our weekly masseuse at AKQA. She came in every Friday without fail with a positive warm attitude. Her massages were always well focused on what was needed for each individual because she took the time to listen to everyone’s needs. She made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable and provided advice when needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a masseuse.

Sarah – AKQA London


The team absolutely loved having Michelle in our office for regular visits. She is friendly, welcoming and is able to ease the tension and discomfort of sitting at a desk all day in a 15-minute session. We would highly recommend her for regular office/corporate sessions.

Felicity – AKQA Melbourne