Natural Facelift Massage

Naturally enhance your beauty

This treatment is highly therapeutic, clients often report feeling more aware of their face, and describe the treatment as feeling like their facial muscles are ‘stretched and opened up.’ Clients usually drift in and out of sleep during the treatment as it is so relaxing and soothing.

It is suitable for all skin types as no oils or creams are used, and the techniques used are true to its Indian ayervedic roots.

A premium, therapeutic grade Oshadhi Organic Rose Hydrolat is applied to freshen and uplift the skin before and after the treatment. Roses have an affinity with the heart centre, promoting love, forgiveness, and eases anxiety, stress and grief. The beautiful rose aroma is perfect for enhancing a holistic treatment.


What to expect

The 60 minute treatment begins with relaxation and energy balancing followed by the activation of specific acupressure points of the face, followed by smoothing techniques to gently shed the surface of the skin of dead skin cells and to “iron out” fine lines and wrinkles.

So you can see how effective it is, on your first visit we stop midway to show you the difference to the one side of your face we have already worked on.

Deeper techniques are used to release restrictions in the connective tissue of the dermis and lift the underlying facial muscles, this encourages blood flow aiding a more glowing complexion.

The final part of the treatment concentrates on lymphatic drainage to reduce puffines and gives more definition to your face.

Scalp and neck massage is also used to release the frontal, occipital and temporal muscles, which can help to prevent overuse of the facial muscles.

Grounding techniques help to rebalance you once the treatment comes to end.


Look your best

Although a difference can be seen after one treatment, for optimum results 6 treatments close together is recommended. For long term results, consider follow up treatments approximately once a month to maintain the benefits.


The treatments were extremely relaxing (sorry about the snoring) and are a great way to relieve any stress. I noticed a difference after just one treatment with my face looking fresh and skin looking healthier. After a course of six treatments and doing the facial exercises, I could see a difference to the fine lines on my face and my skin felt tighter with more of a glow to it. It’s also a great treatment to make you feel relaxed and pampered.

Laura, London